Friday, 19 October 2012

So far this week ...


I started off with a gentle 10 mile run in and around Dunham Massey NT.  It was a lovely cold and frosty early morning run. There were hardly any people about but plenty of deer in the grounds. Definitely the best time of day to go!

Dunham Massey NT, Cheshire


Club run tonight was hill reps up and down one of the local lanes. We did 10min sprint reps of:

3 lamposts, jog recovery, 6 lamposts, jog and repeat.
The next set was 6 lamposts, jog, 6 lamposts, jog, 3 lamposts, jog and repeat the 6x2 again.
We then finished off by pairing up with someone of a similar speed and sprinting 2 lamposts and sprinting back down again, keeping in sequence with the rest of the group.

It was hard work as time went on but fun.


Tonight we ran a figure round round the local roads. There were six of us out and the pace was quite fast but I managed to keep up and we had a really nice run under the stars. Far better than last Thursday when we got caught in a rainstorm!


Is parkrun day! The last time I ran this I was second female over the finish line. Ok, there was quite a large gap between us but maybe this week I'll be first ... and pigs might fly ... but a girl can try!

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  1. Hope the ParkRun went well and you were first lady over the line